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Crowdfunding bridging loans

We are actual lenders of short term bridging loans. We have two options. Firstly we lend our own money, and secondly we team up with other independent lenders to try and source the bestg repayment plans available in the UK today. there are two main types of this form of short secured borrowing available, business or commercial use or as a residential form. Both do exactly as they say on the tin, so to speak.

Commercial or business borrowers can use the financing for any purpose, be it for a property purchase, a redevelopment or land or building or for investment into a business. Learn more at on how this type of agreement would work for you.

Homeowners or non commercial borrowing works differently. You can read more at who are another crowdsourcing lender and are helpful for residential bridging loans.

property we have bought.

As a greatly experienced cash buyer of residential property within the UK, there isn't a style of home we haven't purchased in the past, or for that matter a reason why somebody has sold quickly to us.

From flats and apartments, through the whole property spectrum scale to detached houses, we have bought them all including mid and end terraced and semi detached.

We've also bought buy to let or tenanted property and managed in most cases, so if you want to sell a house with sitting tenants but not cause the rentee any hassle or need to uproot, feel free to give us a call.

Our offer and speed of purchase maybe just what you need.

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where we have purchased.

Many quick sale companies are not actually companies, but local investors looking to buy a house or home locally and cost effectively. We buy throughout Wales and England, not just in one area.

Recent acquisitions in the South include in central London, outer London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Kent, Somerset, Essex, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Dorset.

Going further North, we have also bought in Newcastle, Middlesborough, Cumbria, Lancashire, or Merseyside, in Greater Manchester, West, South and East Yorkshire, The Midlands and Derbyshire.

We've also bought in Wales this year too.

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Consider this before making contact to receive an offer from us. We will buy any property for cash for any reason of sale. You are not obliged to accept any offer we make. You are not liable for any fees should you sell quickly to us or not. We can complete as soon as within three days, however, if you need a little longer to organise somewhere new to relocate to, we can accommodate this.

We are the actual buyer, not an intemediary website that offers your details to other investors. We do not share your details with other potential purchasers, nor do we sell your details on. Any contact you make towards us about our quick property sale buying service is private and kept strictly between you and us. We can also offer many forms of Short Term Finance through our website if you feel selling quickly for cash isn't for you.